New day!

It is funny to think that just as we are winding down for the day our friends in India are just getting out the door. Wish them luck today! It is their first day working in the schools with the children, everything they have worked for comes to life! They are short a few supplies and may be sharing some cloths, but I know they are so excited to be doing what they have dreamed about. These little school kids have no idea that today is going to be an awesome day at school!

Our group is splitting up and working in three government schools. One called "Kandi" with about 35 kids, one called "Sundrani" with 25 kids and one called "Daya" that has 50 children. They will be spending the morning at the schools and then in the afternoons they will all meet with a group of 50 young girls ages 12 to 15 who live together in a boarding house, or "ashram."

I can't say exactly what their experience will be like, but I can recall my first time entering a small school in India filled with young children who had never seen a group of Americans before. It is magical! I am so jealous of them!!