Never go anywhere without toilet paper! by Matt Wilcox

IMG_308920140324_123644 Never go anywhere without toilet paper! I had my first experience using the left handed splash technique at the temple on Sunday night and it isn't an experience I want to relive. This trip has blown all my expectations out of the water.

It was the most rewarding feeling to see how much the kids grew to love us and how much love we had for them. They were all the nicest, happiest, most caring people I have ever met. It is still mind blowing how 25 kids could learn in a cement box with absolutely nothing to learn with. Saying goodbye was a lot harder than I ever thought it would be, at first I didn't believe all the stories about how much you would love the kids, but every day when we arrived at our school and all the kids were jumping up and down for us how could you not love them?! I don't know how much English they remember but I do know I made a difference in their lives, I've never seen so many smiles or heard so much laughter in a week. It felt absolutely amazing to see the transformation from a cement box that had nothing to a bright yellow classroom with a mural, the abc's, a number line, and a body with the major parts labeled.

Spending a week with all those kids made every Sunday night meeting worth it! This trip also made me realize it doesn't matter how many possessions you own, the children wore 2 different outfits to school and that's probably all they had and yet they were so happy, it was really cool to be filled with service for a week and I really hope to make it back to Bagra.

See you in a week!