Nathan Hall

Today is Monday, the day we have all been dreading. This is the last day we get to spend with the children. This week has been the most memorable experience that I have ever known. Today we will be taking them all of the supplies that we have either brought with us or purchased here. These kids are easily the most amazing part of this entire trip. Over the last week we have come to know these children and have had the priveledge being around them. I don’t know how to express how sad I’m going to be when we say goodbye today. I know that if anyone of us had a choice we would spend the remainder of the trip with the children. The children are all so talented and so special that I will never forget the experiences we have had so far. I could write a hundred more pages simply on the adventures we have shared so far on this expedition. I have to go know, we are leaving for the final visit and I still don’t know how I will say goodbye.