Nate Cantor

This expedition has been eight kinds of crazy. Each day is more amazing than the last. Just today, I worked with three girls who were having a conversation with me in near perfect English, and they had never even been outside their village before. These are the kinds of moments that that I live for; where I merely point them in the right direction, and then watch as they take that guidance and turn it into something that is exponentially more meaningful than anyone could ever imagine, something that will shape the rest of their lives for the better. There is no better feeling on this earth.
But beyond what has been happening with my girls, I have learned a little about this beautiful country. Dr. S. Chakraborty is one of the physicians here at Nishtha and he was kind enough to tell us about the people who live here. He said that while seventy-five percent of the people in this region are poor, living on only 100 dollars a month (about 4,500 rupees), they are able to support their families and survive, they do it with dignity. I’ll close by saying that before you pity the poor man, remember that he does not live like a poor man.