Nana Maddie Loves India… and Boys - Maddie T.

Hey. Hey. Hey. Wait. NAMASKAR. That’s Bengali for “namaste.” Ok Imma just jump into things. So there is this lil sass-a-frass girl in the Main Day Boarding school named Manesha (probably spelled that wrong) and i Frikken adore her. She is so fun and sweet and sassy. I love all the girls, but here are some of the ones i know and remember their names: Habiba, Sangita, Susmita, Kueli, and Kabeni. There are more but i can’t spell or remember their names. So today we went to Nico Park which is this ratchet and sketchy amusement park. The rides seemed like they would collapse at any second. And if the rides were not interesting enough for the locals, we were the main attraction. I swear we get stared at 24/7. I love you all and miss you.

Family Shoutouts:

Mama: I can not wait to give you the biggest hug and i love my kissing hand. Owl always love you. Also you would love the plants.

Dad: Today i could not get the image of you in your Norwegian sweater and Oliver hat out of my head. I miss you and our movie quotes. 

Jared: I feel like you would love the music we listen too. I can picture you getting down to Shakira Indian style. 

Jenna: I was thinking about you today and how much i miss you. I love you and you would be in hippy heaven here. I’ve worn my Birkenstocks and thought of you every single day. 

YMAD Shoutouts:

Kausha: I love our bracelet making system.

Alexis: Bless you for loving country music with me.

Emilie: You are a doll and so sweet with the girls.

Laura: Thanks for being the mom at Nico park while i was the crazy grandma.

Sierra: I really do love watching you with your girls. So sweet and cute.

Sabrina: Thanks for listening. It means a lot. 

Jess: You are beautiful even with a swollen cheek.

Lexi: I will listen to you talk about boys anytime. 

Tori: You are pretty much the sweetest. Who ha. 

Kat: Stop cuddling. But i love you. 

Addy: Your theme song.

Madi: Thanks for being my twin.

Bronte: Thanks for being a little ball of sunshine.

Amy: You amaze me and your art is fab. 

Dan: I love your legs and butt.

Oli: thanks for being an ok husband. also shave. 

Cole: You melt my heart and thanks for talking  and listening. 

Keaton: You have a voice of angels and thanks for being there for me.

Brexton: You’ve got go

Matt: I quite enjoyed going on the stupid flying saucer ride with you. 

Caden: Thanks for listening to me talk about gross things at dinner.

- Maddie T.