My first two days of this adventure have been filled with new experiences and little sleep. We have been traveling for much of the time mostly by plane. When we got off the plane and walked through the Delhi airport, there was an overwhelming smell of burning stuff and other weird smells. Also, the night-time air was characterized by a thick, orange glow which was from the lights reflecting off of the extremely polluted air. On all the streets there are wild dogs that are kinda gross but are at the same time kinda cute because they just want to be loved and seek attention from us. Another new thing was the roads, especially the more rural ones. They rarely, if ever, have lines to differentiate lanes and they are wild. there are no rules or regulations it seems and there probably could’ve been 1,000 car crashes. Last, I had the opportunity to pass the sacrament in and LDS church that only had room in the chapel for about 30 people. With all of PRAKASH in there it was a cool experience. There continue to be new experiences and each one is awesome and I hope that the rest of the trip lives up to the first couple days.

Andy Sorensen