My Top ten moments in India so far.

by Lauren Woolsey

1. The journey into the Himalayas was amazing, the mountains make our mountains in Utah look like tiny hills.
2. Meeting the kids in the schools. They were shy at first, but they are so smart and eager to learn.
3. Getting close to all the YMAD kids-there is never a dull moment.
4. Our luggage getting left behind. This may be weird but it was so amazing to get a fresh pair of cloths after 5 days of traveling!
5. Driving though Delhi-it was dirty, busy, and just plain overwhelming-I could not take my eyes away for a second.
6. The Food. I am unbelievably grateful for the amazing cooks-the food is so good!
7. The time we stopped in a tiny town. We were stared at like aliens. (Which we basically are here)
8. Driving. There doesn’t seem to be a speed limit... and honking the horn seems to be a friendly way of letting someone know you are speeding up to the side of them quickly.
9. Our first time playing with the girls in out ashram in Shillai.
10. Watching Warren play Duck Duck Goose with the kids at our schools.

This has been such an amazing experience I am having the time of my life.