My School Rocks! by Megan Davis

Every time I come to India the Children capture my heart! I have been working is a school with 51 kids from 1st to 5th grade. The first day we had to walk at least 30 minutes to get to the school. When we came in the classroom all of the kids saluted us and said in their best english, good morning Mam! My heart melted and I couldn't stop the tears. The kids in this place have nothing by our standard, but have so much more! We made bracelots in one of our activities and the kids would take them off and put them on our wrists. They have a hard time remembering my name and frequently call me sister! I love that! I can't help but notice their little feet with toes poking out of the socks, or no socks or shoes that have been worn so long they hardly have soles. We have been asked to make a needs assessment. My vote is for school uniforms and shoes and socks.

San Jeev is our translator! He looks like John Travolta and is a blast to have around. He has been married for 11 months and is so amazing to work with. I asked him if he wanted kid and and he lit up! He said he wants lots of them and is grateful to have this time to work with children.
Warren Porter on our team started this game all of the kids in our school love, called the roller coaster. He is a big boy and these kids are so small! He raises his hand high above his head like when you ride a roller coaster and screams! The kids have all started doing it! Its histarical!