My New Soul Mate

Since the beginning of the trip I’ve found my new soul mate. We sat next to each other for 25 hours of flying and are in the same expedition group. We both had top bunks in the sleeper train but not in the same cabin. We were in the same Jeep for our 5 hour ride to Chamba and now we even get to sleep in the same room (and possibly bed). We get to share practically every thing for the next 14 days. I hope that she doesn’t get sick of me before then. My soul mate is Eliza Pullman!

Facts about Eliza: Her little sister wrote her a book about her; cleverly named Eliza Jane. She has a purple I-pod. A great singer and guitar player, and I’m pretty sure she has a career waiting for her in air drums. Last but not least she painted my nails and they are mega awesome. They have designs and everything. Talk about professional.

Signing out
ChaiDee Woods