My mouth hurts from smiling.

Namastar peeps. To start the ball rolling let me just say Hi. How is life? My life is pretty dang good right now. Mom, I’m safe and haven’t died or taken a sip of shifty water. Haha. The only thing that could make me happier would be to have you all here with me. Ok so when they told us we were going to a jungle, they were not kidding. West Bengal and more specifically my village, Koch Pakur are the most beautiful places I have ever seen! The humidity is nast but great at the same time. I am constantly moist and am starting to embrace the fact that I sweat like a Neanderthal and there is nothing I can do about it. Koch Pakur has some of the most breath taking flowers in the entire world and I know mom would absolutely love all the plants. Mom, if you were here we would have to drag you along because you would be taking so many pictures. Dad, you would be chatting your head off with all the amazing people and trying to absorb every ounce of information. Jenna, you would be sooo cute with the kids. I can just picture you jumping around and singing with a huge smile. Jared, you would appreciate the driving. Think California driving times 100,000,000,000.

The lessons are a lot harder to teach than I thought but it still is amazing. The kids are the sweetest, happiest, brightest and most beautiful kids in the world. At the Main Day Boarding school, we get so many kisses and constantly play “Ride, Ride, Ride that Pony,” “Hokey Pokey,” and “Duck, Duck Goose.” Some of the girls are quite sassy. Transportation is crazy. Think of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and you will get an accurate picture. The food is amazing. I love daal. I kept thinking I would come back a little lighter but I don’t know if that will happen. I love you all and sorry that this is short and sloppy. Just know I love and miss you but also am in my prime. My mouth hurts from smiling. I didn’t know I could fall in love with people I’ve only known for two days. These people are beautiful. Inside and out.

Lots of love,

Maddie J. Tiller