my leg

guys i messed up real bad.. i hurt my leg again..

that's cool right?

like its an indian thing?

everytime i hurt my left leg.

it shouldn't be a think but it is.

i have a HUGE bug bite on my leg and i wore my socks to bed (my dope chamba socks since you know me addicted to socks so i had to get some duh) but the next morning i had a big scab where the bite was. then a few days later it got worse and the first day at the new school it was swollen like none other so we got home and doctor lindsay cleaned it all out nice and good hoping that would help. but it didn't because david (i love him) but he made me go into town. guys to go into town you have to walk down a HUGE hill and when i mean huge i mean freaking huge. yeah i said down but think about it... going down means you have to go back up. and lets just say it sucked so bad. i was in so much pain. and mom you know my tolerance to pain is like when others are at a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 i still haven't said anything because i can deal with it. but mine was maybe an 8 or 9 on the jordyn pain tolerance scale. but i didn't want to cry in town so i didn't. i got home went and sat in the bathroom for awhile and cried. then i had lindsay clean it out again. they gave me pills to take (i swallowed them mom.. holla at me thats awesome right?) but i went to bed and i couldn't sleep at all. i fell asleep for 20 minutes then woke up for 2 hours then 20 more minutes then awake for 3 all night. it was miserable. in the morning it was awful but then we got up to the school and i just laid down and cried. so david christian kumen jatiner and i went to the hospital.. i was really sketched out at first but then they said that robert baird trusts this doctor with his life so i was okay to go. we get the the doctor and he gave me pain killers, antibiotics and a creme to put on it.. we were done and everyone wanted me to go back home and not go to the rest of the school day. but i already regretted going to the doctors when i did so i went back up and played with the beautiful girls up there. i really dont want to toot my own horn but the girls love me. everyone was saying that the girls didn't respond well to them but i didn't have any problems. it was really sweet my team just being so amazing always helping me out and doing the small things i can't really do because i have elephant feet. well foot. right now.

but what was so cute was that the teacher at the school grabbed me and said mehindi (henna) and i was like no i need to be with the girls. she was like no come sit so sturn so i was like yes ma'am and sat down. then when the girls were all finished with playing down by the banks they came over and watched temanna and pallavi did a little design on my arm. i couldn't help it because it was so beautiful and its from the girls. the left is the chamba village girls and my right is my house of learning girls. i used to only like henna in beautiful designs but now anything from these girls is beautiful! What's crazy is that after 2 days, actually less than 2 days because i went to the hospital, with these girls and i already know 90% of their names. a few of them i get the letters mixed up but  2 or 3 of them i just can't remember their names at all and i feel really bad but the girls think its hilarious.

right now we are just back at the house of learning chilling around because we have done so many things everyday that i can't handle it if we did anything else. like right now i can't even handle sitting here because my foot is about to fall off. (mom really i'm fine we just might have to go to the doctors when i get home probably).

i just wanted to update you that even though my foot is throbbing i am having an amazing time. everyday is so awesome and has something so special about it. i am still journaling like no ones business but i am getting even more pictures and everything. i love it here.

i can't say that enough.

i love it. i love it. i love it.

right now at this second i want to fly home get my foot checked out then fly right back and hang out with my girls.

but lets be realistic here.

i just want to stay here forever.

i told raj that he could drop me off in jibhi and i would live at jibhi camp with sandeep and he laughed and said okay i'll drop you off on my way home.. raj is a real homie!

okay now i'm just rambling

i only got on here to tell you about my foot mom.

but i love you all reading..

comment a lot because i love reading the comments.

send good thoughts to my ankle.

and don't expect me to actually come home on the 1st.

xoxo jordie