My Last Day

It’s been a long journey and though it’s my time to leave there’s so much to do!
I’ve had internet issues for the last couple of days as some of you already know because of my ill manners I displayed if I chatted with you. I only have it now because I’m stuck in the airport for another 8 hours.

But let’s step back a bit…
My last days in the ashram were difficult, I knew my time was coming so I decided to sit down and talk to the girls about it. They were angry and they have the right to be; it’s unfair to meet someone and then let them go so quickly. On my last day I made them promise me they wouldn’t cry because if they did, I would take them to the dentist again! Well, I guess I have to take them to the dentist now…
I even sweetened the deal, I gave them a little gift so that my departure wouldn’t look so bad (I am so ready to be a parent, just keep buying!) I gave them some of that “cutsie tootsie” makeup little girls love to put on and then eat, some earrings so they don’t hate that pricking day forever and a nice little picture to show their families when they return home for the holidays.
They are amazing girls and I know they know that and they also know that with all their hard work we will all see each other again.
It was hard leaving Raj too (and leaving him in the hands of Mother especially). For a departing gift, he decided to take me to a tourist adventure: a space ball. It was a large plastic ball with two seats inside awaiting screamers, I was one of those screamers and Raj the other. If you can’t guess what happens next…then I will just tell you: Satan pushes the ball down the hill as the screamers roll upside down in a motion that causes sea sickness! Physically, it only lasted 40 seconds, realistically, it lasted 3 eons. And the experience of getting into and out of the ball made me feel born again (seriously, the whole made me feel like I was being pushed out of a birth canal).
Oh and our newest addition to the family, Happy the puppy, ran away. The little bugger had enough cahones to climb out of the bed we made with the umbrella roof and the wall into the wild again. It was a definite bummer, I’m not going to say who cried the most though it was the girl who wanted a puppy the most (alright, me). But, but but but BUT! I think Happy missed us because he scurried his little wild behind back into our ashram, not into his brick house though. Good enough for us, he’s our little Happy once again.
Back to the girls: I love them, I miss them already and I promise them and you that I will return to see them!
Now, I’m off to Mumbai (where it’s hot smelly and traffick-y! With over one million mosquitoes in only one acre!) and I will see you all on my return on January 4th, Happy Holidays to you all!