My journey thus far

I AM IN INDIA!! The feeling of being here is so surreal, I cant believe that after all the late night Sunday meetings, stress about raising enough money and extra work, we are finally here! I am so beyond blessed to have this experience, I have learned so much from the short time I’ve been here! One of my favorite experiences was on my village tour, we were welcomed into these peoples home and are offered everything they have, one lady set down a plate of coconut, puffed rice and guava and said “This is all I have”,  we later learned that she had stayed home from work that day just to prepare for us to visit her home. It amazes me how loving and generous the people are.  They have never met us before, but yet are so willing to take us in. I absolutely love it here, I have times when I think about my family and get home sick but then I look around me and see all the children and how happy they make me, and I realize how worth it this really is. I love and miss my family so much, see you soon!! –Abby Hall