My first day alone!

Well, now that Nefi and James are gone it’s all up to me, I’m in charge, I’m the big cahuna, well, under Raj’s say that is. But I wouldn’t say that I feel so lonely and miserable because I always have the grand opportunity of Mother. She wakes up at 4am and starts her daily routine of nothing; why do old people wake up so early? It’s God’s greatest curse on human kind.
I want the girls to like me, to know they’re safe with and that I’m as cool as the boys, so what do I do with them on their first day alone with me? I take them to get their teeth checked up, cavities filled and pretty much meet Satan. I’m what they call borderline smart! And did they cry! Only one girl, Pooja, had an injection and boy could this girl kick her legs in the air! The rest of the time I just a shaking baby’s syndrome on the operation chair! Their heads: side to side, up and down, over and out! Drilling and drilling and drilling for each kid who had at least 3 cavities! After it was all done, the look on their face was indescribable! Kirna and Poonam for some odd reason enjoyed it? But poor Pooja wrapped her shawl around her mouth because she thought she looked fat (she was numb for the rest of the day). On top of this, add hunger. They were so hungry but couldn’t eat for another half an hour. Way to go Reshma!
But I can’t misinterpret it all, the girls really opened to me. I think it’s because a female is in the house. We had some good one on one time “gossiping” about other people, painting our nails and just living the reality of Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Girls just want to have fun.”
The night ended with more “goodnights” than I could count. It was a good day.