My Favorite Day in India-Matt Wilcox

IMG_2015 I don’t know where to begin; today was my favorite day in India so far. Today we did the culture exchange at my school and I was really worried it was not going to be as fun as the other schools because my school has had between 8-14 kids everyday and none of them can speak English. The only English they can speak is to recite the ABC’s, But today when we pulled up to the school all of the kid were waiting for us and were so happy! It was such a good feeling to see 23 kids waiting to learn English and want to play with us so badly. We always start every day with a group game and today we played down by the bank, at first the kids wouldn’t dance when they lost but towards the end it was so fun to see the kids dancing and laughing with each other. I taught transportation today and at first I was really worried to use the flash cards while teaching because the kids have no idea what a train is or what a motorized wheel chair is, and I didn’t want the kids just repeating what was on the card, I really want them to understand what an airplane or a taxi is. The kids were really good and would repeat the word back and then the translator would explain to them what each form of transportation is. The kids were so excited, pure joy was beaming from them when I opened the train set, they could have played with that for the whole day and had a smile from ear to ear. It was so rewarding to give them something they had never played with.

Since my school is so small and there is no room around it to play we had to go up the hill to this lady’s house which was still small and barely fit our group outside, the kids sat right in front of us when we were dancing and at first they were shy and it seemed like they didn’t know how to feel but the more we sung the kids started smiling and giggling. After our performances we danced with all the kids and I danced with Aushu, she is he cutest, shyest girl ever but it was so fun to see her warm up to me, all she wanted to do was to jump and jump and jump so I did and I couldn’t stop smiling! I will definitely miss her a lot and miss seeing that smile.

Service! Our school needs a lot of help, the kids bathroom is the dirt with a tarp giving them privacy, the school is as big as some peoples bedrooms, there is no where to play outside, no electricity, no desks, and the walls are grey. After the culture exchange my team painted our school! We decided to paint all the walls yellow and then paint some murals. India doesn’t have rollers to we painted all of the walls with two inch brushes, I cleaned all the walls and it made me so much more grateful for my school and the janitors, its so hard to believe that these kids are so happy and they learn in such a terrible school building. I can’t wait to see the kids reaction tomorrow when they see the fresh paint, I hope we can put desks in before we go home.

Tonight we went to this Indian festival! It was so cool, thousands of people were there and we got treated like kings, they brought chairs out for us and it was so cool! People were dancing at first and then this guy who won the first Indian idol started singing, it was so crazy, everyone was yelling and dancing and I was dancing like crazy! And by dancing I mean moving my arms in the air because in India you are not allowed to stand up and everyone was still screaming and having the time of their life.

I hope life is good at home, its sad to think today marked half way, but it has all ready been the most amazing experience I have ever had.

Matt Wilcox