My Favorite Corner of the Earth - Amanda Rouse

Since I have arrived to India, I have been riding on a rollercoaster of emotions.   I’m sure it’s been said before, but it is literally impossible to write down your feelings when you are here.  So I am not going to try.  I won’t write about the poverty I see on the streets. It would take years to try to begin the explain the love you feel from the beautiful women of the Nishtha, or the absolute adoration you feel from and have for the stunning girls at the day boarding school.  It’s impossible to explain.  So I chose to write about the smallest, most specific thing I could think of, which is my favorite place to sit in Nishtha. My favorite place in Nishtha is on the roof of the building where we have or meals, sitting on the cement corner overlooking an intersection.   Sitting there, everywhere you look is lush green foliage, colorful cement buildings, and litter.  You can sit and watch some locals go to pond across the street to do their laundry, and more walkers and bikers than cars making their way around town. The sound is practically just constant honking of horns.  Instead of stopping at stop signs,  they honk to let anyone around the corner know that they are coming.  It is really at least a honk every seven seconds.