My big India Travel Adventure

Hey everybody! -hi mom and dad, MISS YOU! The past few days have been amazing. Traveling for two days only felt like three hours, that was a definite highlight. Once we arrived in Kolkata, we met up with a few of YMAD’s friends and they took us to an LDS branch. It was so cool to participate in their sacrament. On Monday, the first day of teaching, the kids were fabulous. I never want to leave these kids. My lesson was on Family and the kids were really responsive. Today, Tuesday, my lesson was on school supplies and learning and connecting the vocabulary to the pictures and such. The kids at our morning school ROCKED this lesson. BRILLIANT children!! As much as I hate to admit it, I assumed that these kids from this school wouldn’t understand the lesson or me for that matter.. but they did. I was so surprised by their willingness to learn and give me a shot at being their teacher. After both lessons, we got to go on a “home tour” of the village we are serving in. We have been to six houses so far and all of them have told our village team that we can come back anytime, and if we did, we would have a place to stay. Which is saying a lot since I could lay on the ground of all of their houses and touch all four walls. Every time we went into a home, they gave us so much food. Was it good? For the most part no.But the gesture was so appreciated. I have grown so close to so many kids and I am so happy that I could be there for them even if it is just for a week. I start tearing up when I think about leaving these kids that I hardly know because I know I will probably not see them again unless of course... I COME BACK! (you know I will). I just wanted to blog a little blurb so you know I’m safe and VERY happy here. I love you and hope everything is great back home. Hannah Vanleeuwen