Morgan’s Message-

My dream for the last nine months has finally come a reality times 10. After traveling for two days, many hours on the plane and in airports we finally arrived here in India. As exhausted as I was I could not fall asleep on our bus ride here, I was glued to the window looking at this beautiful place. It is nothing like I imagined! I was so happy to finally be here! The driving is like a ride at Disney Land, you think you’re going to run into something and you move at last second. It is a little bit scary but super fun! If you are walking you move when they honk, otherwise you will probably be hit. Nishtha, the place we are saying, is beautiful and I feel so at home. The women here told us we are welcome in their homes anytime, they literally mean anytime and want us to come back. They are our sisters. Meeting the girls was more than I ever imagined it to be. They were so happy to see us and have us be here. I was sitting there looking around and I could not help but smile. I AM SO HAPPY HERE! The love they instantly have for us is incredible. It was hard leaving the first day! We met the village kids yesterday, my village is full of kids who are mostly from prostitute homes and products of rape. They have tough lives but that does not change their attitude and ability to love. As we walked in they jumped up to say hi and put out their hands in a fist and kept saying “Boom!” Many of the kids came up and hugged us instantly. I found my girl here, she took my heart as soon as I saw her and received the most loving hug I ever have. Her name is Koyel and I do not know how I am going to leave her. We are treated like royalty here, they will give everything to us without thinking about it. I love India, hearing the honks every second, the food, the culture, the people, the children, the outfits, the cement bed, the dirt floors, the cold showers, the bugs, the lice, I love everything here. I am not coming home! Thank you to everyone who supported me and has helped me be able to have this experience! I love you all!

With love,


P.S. Mom will you please apply to Utah State for me and send my transcripts there? Also check my email to make sure my other college applications are completely done with no problems so I can go to college and have a future. J and Paula say hello.