For the past three days I have been really engaged in conversations with the teacher at our school. His name is Mohavid. He speaks very good English and is very curious about YMAD. He told me when he was in 9th grade he went on a similar trip to Rajistan. It wasn’t a teaching expedition like Zinda but it was a youth trip about cultural diversity and exchange. He told me it made quite an impact on his life and he would never forget it. He said these YMAD teens will also never forget. During our conversations the past few days I’ve discovered he and I have much in common. We are the same age, enjoy cooking, traveling, trekking (hiking), being outdoors, motorcycles, and gardening. His favorite topic to teach in school is English. He loves it and is a very good helper during our lessons. It has been an amazing cultural exchange to talk about schools in the US and hear his questions. He told me our teaching methods are very effective.

He was asking me about what they do in the US to make sure the children do their homework. I told him about “Fun Friday” at my kid’s school. Fun Friday is where a parent comes and teaches a game or does a craft with the students. If the children have done all their school work for the week they can participate. He said they do something very similar on Saturdays at Jibhi school. Then he told me about parent/teacher conferences. Just when you think everything is different you realize how many things are exactly the same. There are probably more things that separate me from my neighbors in North Salt Lake than with Mohavid. It has been great getting to know him. I think he is a good teacher and I feel I can leave our students in his good care.

Greg Stewart