Carolyn Cooke Hello to any interested!! India is just crazy awesome. I want to explain the amazing day I’ve had today.

We rode from our camp to our school this morning for the first time. When we got there we went down this little path on the side of the mountain. Green was everywhere and it rained the night before so it was misty and fresh. The farming terraces surround us and I constantly feel like I’m in a movie, its breathtaking.

Anyway, we go down this little path and my feet were following the translator. She has little anklet bracelets on that would jingle with every step, it was so memorable to me for some reason.

We descended into this mini village with the kids all standing in rows saying something simultaneously.  I was the first YMADer to get there and it just all hit me so hard! What? I’m here in this gorgeous place, teaching these adorable kids. I almost started to cry, and I really don’t cry very easily.

It was really hard to teach with no supplies today, hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

During lunch break I was playing with this little girl. I gave her a starburst. She split it in half and gave it to me. Sitting there with that starburst, with this beautiful little girl, I was just so simply happy. That was the definition of “money can’t buy happiness”.