Mom, I Have a Tattoo... Jensson Ostler

I know I’ve only been one a week and I know its a Sunday, but I love it!! I have been doing a few things this week.. I have been completely covered in chalk and paint, I have showered in a waterfall, stood at the edge of cliffs, been through a couple religious  ceremonies, cried a little, and have had the time of my life with amazing people that I love. Oh, one more. I fell in love. I fell in love with these kids and I can’t deny it. I have spent a few days with them and I know that they are absolutely AMAZING!! I am not looking forward to saying goodbye, because I know it’ll be hard. They are so cute, so smart, and so loving that I don’t know how someone couldn’t fall in love with them. I love them. I only have about a week left in this country, and it is going by way too fast. We still have a few things that we are doing to do and I cant believe its only what seems like  a few minutes left in this dream of an adventure. I’ve got pictures, videos, a tattoo (and more to come), and really amazing memories and friendships. I was so grateful for being able to see the letters that my mom and dad wrote for me. I actually cried and I am planning on crying some more. I had some great American food, but I would really appreciate it if I had some BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza or some Cafe Rio. I really love it here and I wish I could share it with everyone, but as far as I know you’ll only be able to see it from the pictures we have taken unless you can come over on a expedition. Pictures do not give this amazing place justice, but I will forever remember this place. I love it here, and I could easily come back. I love you all and will see you in about a week. Namaste.