Miss Ya, Already

It is 1920 Saturday evening.  Just got off the phone with Eden (yet another person knows how "non-techie" I am).  But, she has me up and running and I can blog my little heart out.  First, Jeff and Jane need to leave town more often.  Katherine had a great game today...she only told me to shush once...I do like to do some cheering.  She made 5 baskets.  This is to document how much her parents will owe her when they get home.  Score was 30 to 18.  I am such a proud substitue mommy!  Left the airport this morning with burning eyes, bulging heart, and great anticipation for all the YMAD group.  Ya'll are so ready!  The hard work and committment through the year is paying off.  I miss ya'll already and won't tell you how many long hot showers have happened at my home, the long nap I so desperately needed, or how many times the toilet has been flushed today.  I will let ya'll just dream about this great luxury.  Just so ya know...I thought about ya'll every time.  I love all ya'll so very much...you are the best...may you all be blessed in your endeavors!...I miss ya, already!  Miss Lynda Faye