Miranda G

[April 6, 2012, journal entry]Okay, so I kinda trailed off last entry... but let me tell you about this moment! Right now, I am barefoot, with my toes wiggling away their numbness in a pool at the bottom of a magnificent waterfall. My white skin rubs against silver and gold colored stones that twinkle in the light of the pool. Behind me, past Hannah [who is also writing in her journal], the pool turns into a stream, with ancient wooden foot-bridge hopping over the trickling water. In front of me is the greenest green moss and tumbling turrents. Above me-- the mist, the falls, the jungly vines, the gnarly trees, that reach up towards the pale blue sky and the endless Himalayan mountains. Ohm.

That is the sound of every entity in the universe, joined together in a voice of wondrous eternity. After today, I will never be the same. [I’d tell you why, but first I gotta jump into the freezing cold waterfall with Hannah and Nate-- two of my closest friends.] Perfection.

Contemplate that.