Mike McQueen

Why I’m Loving Every Second

  1. Cruising through mountainous roads listening to Pinku’s awesome Indian music –Partay Partay is everyones favorite- and following Liza’s amazing dance moves never gets old.
  2. Taking a million crazy pictures because adorable kids keeps saying “one picture please, me, you” just never gets old.
  3. Eating spicy curry for every meal never gets old.
  4. Wearing those super comfy white cotton pants I just bought never gets old.
  5. Children giving you a pipe cleaner bracelet after you spent twenty minutes telling them you couldn’t make it into a monkey never gets old.
  6. Spinning children around in circles over and over because they keep asking for one more time sometimes gets a little old… I learned my lesson about teaching them games that I don’t want to play for hours.
  7. Watching the houses light up the mountainside when the sun goes down never gets old.
  8. Bartering with people that don’t really speak the same language never gets old.
  9. Trying delicious looking foods that some guy is selling on the street never gets old.
  10. Waving at the staring strangers on the side of the road and watching their face light up and wave back, never gets old.
  11. Signing autographs for screaming children because they like our dance/singing so much they thought we were celebrities, never gets old.
  12. Eating mangos that Raj brought Erin and I, never gets old.
  13. Giving a million high fives and having kids tell you goodbye for twenty minutes when you’re trying to leave, never gets old.