Michael Cobabe

Things You Would Like To Know

Everything is great, Raj also known as Daddy has been great and has taken good care of us all. Chugging limca is not the best thing to do unless you are feeling like you need to clean out your stomach because not only did I win but I also threw up the most as well, and everything just keeps getting better I have a tramp stamp,several hearts with peoples name in them such as Nisha’s (Bardsley don’t be mad at me but Robin is out of the picture just so you know), David I got the letter, DON’T WORRY I’M LEAVING WITH NO REGRETS OF NOT DOING!
Tell Warren I have a special thing just for him that he would laugh about for ever because everyone else has because its somewhere on my body.The rest of the trip has been amazing, today was the best because we got the letters and the amount I got was kinda crazy, while everyone got one I was given five, and Annie when I first touch the letter I thought Raymo sent yours, Also David up on asking if you haven’t asked yet because I have a great idea and I need to be home for it to happen, but if you have asked no worries, Also everyone needs to know that at the school I found the greatest saying “Arise awake and stop not until the goal is achieved,” And I think you should know David and Me are very similar I had to get the “HANDEL BARS.” The last thing you need to know is that Dad somehow unknowingly I have been doing what you told me since the day we left and I will also follow it , Miss ya.