Meghan Hart- My lesson of Compassion.

Dearest Friends and Fam, Today was bittersweet to the full extent of the word. We had the opportunity to review the things we taught the orphans this week and it was incredibly rewarding to see how much they had learned from us. Honestly, the fact that 50 kids in Sahoo know the English word for ‘moon’ is all the validation I need to be here.  After playing many games of “Blob” and “Down By the Banks,” we gave away the education kits and penny necklaces. It was cute how much the kids loved the necklaces that we put so much effort into.

The biggest lesson I will take home from the kids in India is compassion. I was surprised to see how quickly I fell in love with the kids, mostly because they showed so much love towards me early on.  They have absolutely no reservations when it comes showing adoration because they always look for the best in people. That is a quality I am excited to directly incorporate into my daily life. For instance, if I ever messed up during a lesson, it didn’t affect how they acted during the games or even the other lessons.  It is important to see the best side of the people you work with because that is the only way to continue forward, always improving.  I have loved getting to know the people on this trip and I hope I can continue to see good qualities we have developed flourish and spread.

On a homesick note, I want my parents to know how grateful I am for all they have taught me, and I want my sisters to know I’ve tried all the food, and I want my friends to know I typed this with one hand because I have the sickest henna sleeve drying on the other.  Also, shout out to my homies in Bro. Cook’s class!

With love,