Meggie Egan

Wow what a day it has been! These young girls are amazing and I can’t even describe how excited they are to see us. After we finished making our bracelets one little girl came up to me with the biggest smile on her face and started wrapping the bracelet she made around my wrist. I couldn’t believe that she would think to give me that. These girls have nothing and they chose to give the bracelets away. I have so much fun with them, even though there is a language barrier it doesn’t even matter. As the time for the morning school came to an end all the girls grabbed my hands and kissed my cheeks.

As we left the day boarding school we got to experience what the villagers everyday life was. We arrived to one family’s home and they had set out six chairs for us to sit in while all the mothers and grandmothers sat down in front of us. They shared with us their rights and expectations that they have in their society. I couldn’t believe what they were saying. They are expected to be married no later than age 12 and their marriages are arranged. You are shunned if you do not have children no later than age 20. Their expectations are so high. I couldn’t even imagined having to be married that young . We got the chance to meet this amazing women who had nothing and who were so thankful to have us in their homes. This has been a life changing experience and I can’t wait for more adventures and to create more memories.