Meg Wingeleth

I can handle bed bugs and enormous spiders but when it comes to waking up with a scorpion climbing up my bedroom wall, I CANNOT! Jordan (my roommate) saved the day and caught it in a cup and then threw it off the balcony. She loves bugs. Thank god for Cipro. I’m finally feeling better after three days of being sick. Being physically sick and having to stay in bed, makes you really homesick. I craved chicken noodle soup and my mom rubbing my back.

Yesterday we went to the dress shop and got fitted for our new fancy pant suits. It was so overwhelming with colors and patterns, it was so hard to choose. Mine is lime green, hot pink, and zebra. It sounds terribly ugly now that I’m typing that but it’s BEAUTIFUL.

All the girls point to my nose ring and say “tehlee” which means nose ring and then they say “sunder” which means beautiful. Haha I love it.

Today we went to the market and we got henna done. I’ll probably be covered head to toe by the end of the trip.

For dinner Maggie and Nick surprised us with spaghetti! It was AWESOME! I needed American food.

Dear Dad,

I know you’re looking at this blog photo freaking out. I have a tattoo. I didn’t get it in India. I got it in America. Sorry, you had to find out that way… :/

Anyways love and miss you all! So excited to come home and share all my adventures.


<3/ Meg