McKinnley Mcdonald - Gari School

Today was our second day at the schools; our school is called Gari, is located up in the Himalayas, and has 21 kids in it.  My favorite kids are Rohit who is only 12 and is already probably smarter than I am, Buhmi who is the cutest little girl I've ever seen, and Dhanpat who is the biggest little troublemaker in the school. Today we taught our English lessons which was very difficult since only one of the children could speak any English and all he only knew a few words.  I brought my guitar to the school with me and it made keeping the children's attention much easier and helped with teaching as well.  For my lesson we had to make wooden people out of popsicle sticks and markers and use them to create conversations with but most of the kids just wanted to keep making more wooden people.  After lunch we played games with the kids and gave the kids quick medical exams.  On the way back we stopped at our Ashram which has 18 boys and one girl, who is the owners daughter and, who are all so smart is unbelievable. We went into the shopping district for the first time today and all I can say is that it is overwhelming.  Most of the shops were either clothing or food but some had bedding, amazing metal workings, and other various nic-nacs.  While walking around we witnessed a birthday progression which took around five minutes for everyone to walk past us.  Tomorrow we are headed back to buy pant suits and all of our Indian attire.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back in the States, we aren't going to celebrate it until next Tuesday but we have a birthday to celebrate instead so we get cake which is just as good.  See everyone in two weeks!


Love McKinnley