McKenna Bakker

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Remember that time when I went to India? Well it was the most INCREDIBLE thing I ever did! It is absolutely beautiful here in these mountains that I like to call the Himalayas. I’m starting to get used to life here. The tiny roads and crazy drivers seem normal, I look forward to my curry breakfast, and when I here the word “school” the only thing I think of are my kids in Kalsuin.

Speaking of the kids, they are the love of my life! I have such a hard time staying asleep here because i’m always so excited to see my kids the next day. Today we taught all of our health lessons, and I taught about personal hygiene. They are all so smart and so eager to learn, but there are a few rascals. There are three older boys that I love to pieces, but I swear they say inappropriate things in Hindi. I taught them how to wash their hands with soap and they didn’t want to stop. I took one hygiene kit to help teach my lesson and they were all so excited when I told them that they would each get their own hygiene kit in a few days. Who knew five year olds would love toothpaste and a toothbrush so much? #I’mGoingToThrowAllOfMyUselessStuffAwayWhenIGetHome.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about my experience so far. My village team is the best (GO RED TEAM!) and we have bonded so much. (I LOVE SARAH WILLES!) Okay, Sarah Willes wrote that but I’m going to let it fly. ANYWAYS, my team is the prime time of village teams. We love going to the Ashram after school to play with our kids, but   we are always exhausted afterwards. Frodo is adorable with the smaller kids; it turns out he’s a big softie. He always picks them up and throws them in the air, which they love. Unfortunately, they then come up to me and ask me to do the same thing, which is much harder for me than it is for the Hulk over there. The Twilight Hunter is always being mobbed by loving children. Today the older girls kept asking him if he was married, and they were very happy to hear that he was not. And everyone gets their nails painted by the kids. Everyone. I never thought I would be so happy to have inexperienced children cover my hands with sixteen coats of nail polish. You could say we’re adorable. Everyday is something new, and it is both beautiful and exhausting. We just got home, and I already can’t wait to go back to the school.

I am having the time of my life here, but I do miss mi familia. I tell everyone about my cute sisters! Kaylin, yesterday morning Sierra asked me something that I love about you. She was doing it to distract me, but I ended up crying a little bit. Just a smidge, but it happened. I MISS YOU. I love you all, but I’m never coming home. Start applying for visas to India so that you can come visit me.