McKell Flick

Mom! I conquered my fear and successfully used a squatter!!

If I tried to put all that I have seen and done in the past few days, this blog would be pages long. So I decided to condense it. Parents you will get the full stories when we get back!

Good Things:

1. Yoga in the airport

2. Seat 51G (aisle seat)

3. Jen Luther’s Quote book

4. When we wave at people on the bus and their faces light up. They wave back and blow kisses sometime.

5. Bartering

6. Waking up to a child singing prayers in the morning along with a little babies laugh

7. Ruupashi, Mr. Dahmi’s 4 year old grand daughter

Not so Good Things:

1. Seat 42 B (not an aisle seat)

2. Dehli heat

3. Saying no to child begging

4. Sleeper trains

Love you fam!