Mark Bell

India is amazing. The first day I was sick and the communication barrier with my kids was hard but it has gotten easier. The bus ride through Calcutta was really eye opening. People lived in shacks and there was trash everywhere. It was so different from the way America is. I felt bad about the way I live.

The jungle is so incredible. It looks like a T-rex should come busting out of the trees any second. The kids are incredible too. They are so smart, it blows me away. We were playing a game with dominos where Ben Anderson called out a number and we had to find a domino with that on it. They kids got it before me every time. They deserve so much more then what they have.

The Auto Rickshaws are the scariest part. The driving here is so unorganized but it’s a rush.

They heat is ridicules! It is really humid too. But it’s worth it, I love it here. Everything is great! My picture is of the kids in my village, and I’m holding a baby goat.