Maria's interview with Trevor

Maria: Now that you’ve said your goodbyes to your school children, what will you never forget about them?
Trevor: I will never forget their adorable little faces. I also will remember how they would always call me brother whenever they wanted me to help them. They are just so cute all around.
Maria: Describe Chamba in 5 words or less.
Trevor: Dirty, friendly, busy, beautiful, and delicious. Dirty because there is trash everywhere and it is very smelly, friendly because everyone is so nice and welcoming, Beautiful because the Himalayas are breathtakingly gorgeous, and delicious because the street food is so delectable, especially the momos.
Maria: What is the first thing you’ll do when you get back to America?
Trevor: I will hug my parents and then go to eat some kind of real food that includes meat! We have been so deprived of meat these last weeks. Everything is vegetarian. I want some meat that is not curried.
Maria: If you had to listen to one song on repeat this entire trip, which song would you choose?
New Soul by Yael Naim. It is a good song and it reminds me of when we sang it with our school kids. They could not really sing it and it was really funny, but it was really cute.
Maria: Everyone knows you have the best team. Why do you love us so much? ☺
Trevor: My team is so cool because we just get along. We are so chill and just laugh with each other. We are so cool! Also because Eliza’s laugh is “sexy” and our intern is awesome. The other intern is cool too but he is not in our group.
Maria: Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences these past couple days?
Trevor: I love it here! I love teaching little kids and I already miss them so much. Tomorrow we head to Agra. I will also miss Chamba. This trip is almost over and we are almost home. Love you all! ☺