March 23 Leadership Meeting

How to give a good speech

“You will be trained to be an inspiration to others. You will inspire others to act when they would hesitate, to dream when others would dread. You will call others out of their ‘comfort zones’ and empower them to choose to commit.”

Mr. Palmer came in to talk to us and explain TED talks and how they work. TED talks are ideas that are worth spreading. This means a topics that you personally think is interesting or could be to somebody else. What about YMAD inspires you? Inspires other people that have previously been a part of YMAD?

To Do: Watch two TED talks and pick the one that you like best and then summarize and present the talk. The time limit is no shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 4.

How do you give a TED talk?

  • Be prepared- Let your interests be your guide to what you choose.

  • Be clear- Organize your material in an orderly manner.

  • Be organized- 1. Introduce material to the audience. 2. Talk about the ‘meat’ of the talk; what people came to hear. 3. Review what was just said.

  • Be yourself- Develop your own speaking style.

  • Be bold- Be bold and confident in what you are talking about.

  • Be different- How do you stand out?

  • Be funny- Know when and where to use humor.

  • Be engaging- Involve and converse with your audience.

  • Be positive- Don’t tell your audience what NOT to do.

  • Be challenging- Challenge your audience to do something.

  • Be strong- Create a strong ending using the above.

  • Be ready- Know your material inside and out.

  • Be grateful- Thank the audience during the closing of your talk.


1. Log on to

2. Hit the link that says ‘talks’

3. Go to favorites or pick from favorites below

4. Listen to at least 2 talks

5. Pick a talk that you are interested in

6. Prepare a 3-5 min recap of the talk

7. Have fun!


1. Start finding a TED talk that  inspires you.

2. Listen to at least 2 talks

3. Know when you are presenting your TED talk

YMADERS having fun!


“You will be trained to develop courage. You will welcome challenges that push you beyond your self-perceived limitations. You will display confidence and peace under stress.”

Courageous people are UNstoppable, and unstoppable people are bold with themselves and others.

-Being bold shows up in a particular type of request that you make of yourself and of others. We need to have courage so life isn’t ever boring. On a scale of 1-10, how bold were you with yourself when asked to fulfill a request?

We watched a clip of Rocky Balboa and it quoted: “The greatest revenge is massive success.” To be honest, what other good way is there?

“If you don’t fall, you haven’t tried.” -Allison Ford


When is being bold NOT a good idea?

1. Is the request safe, kind, or uplifting to others?

2. Does it serve a purpose?

3. Could the end result be inspiring?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above, then the request is self-serving and does not come from leadership.


How to make a bold request:

1. You must have the courage to go beyond reason.

2. You must believe in yourself.

3. You must believe in what you are trying to accomplish.

4. You must believe in the greatness of the people of whom you are making the request.


Some personal bold requests: Personal life, school, family, YMAD, integrity, etc.

What would your life be like if you were totally bold with yourself? “Who has the right to stop you?” - Rocky Balboa



1. You can’t request other people to be bold if you aren’t being bold with yourself. It will never work. THEREFORE: find at least one opportunity everyday to go beyond your reasons and accomplish something surprising and extraordinary.

2. Between now and the next meeting make one bold request of someone around raising money.

3. Between now and the next meeting make one request of someone else that would have them stretch and grow.

4. Come to the next meeting ready to share your results.

5. If you have not applied for your passport please have this done by the next meeting.



April 6th- Letter writing party at 7:00 at Allisons! (She’s making cookies!)

Color Festival- Makayla has details! It will be on MARCH 29. 311 W. 8500 S. in Spanish Fork. $3 for admission and $2 for color! It will be a blast so be there if you can!

CONTEST!! We are doing a ‘selfies with strangers’ contest. Post your favorite selfie with a stranger on our Facebook page (Operation Shaktishali)! The person who has the most ‘likes’ by the next meeting will receive a prize!

YMADERS meeing in their teams!