Making time…

Today is a big day for everyone in the expedition.  It is about 6 am and I have been thinking about it all night with a looming yet joyful anticipation.  Today is the day when then teens have a great opportunity to shine by leaving a lasting impression on the children of India.  Today is when they say their goodbyes.  I have seen their potential since the first interviews and watched them grow through out the entire year.  It has been a truly amazing journey and I stand amazed at the amount of courage, compassion and pure love that has been shared.  Each day brings new surprises and challenges.  That is one great thing about India and life in general…  you never know what may lie just around the corner and it's exciting for me to get glimpses into the future and see the incredible and innate possibility that each one of us has to do good, and to be good.  One of my challenges which may sound a little cliche, is that at times I feel like there are only 21 hours in a day ( especially here in India :).  Having a limited amount of time and "forced" deadlines has a refining effect of helping prioritize things in my mind.  I can't seem to find the words to express my gratitude to my adult team leaders, they constantly make my laugh, occasionally make my cry and have always been there for me. Ready, willing and more than able!!  I am truly grateful for all of the people who have made this expedition possible. I am grateful for the support and generosity of my children, my family and  my friends.  ( all of whom I miss terribly when I am gone and who may never fully understand or appreciate why I come to India)  Coming to India fills my heart!!


With Love,