Making a Difference…in more ways than one can imagine!

  I thought when I went to India last year…that experience was amazing.  But, despite having that incredible experience…nothing could have prepared me for the adventure of Jibhi India and the expedition of Zinda!

From the very beginning, the twenty six hour plane ride, and twelve hour SUV drive to the Jibhi camp was only the beginning. Hustling to make our flight connections....was the first time I recognized that this team was going to be on their “A game”  for the entire trip…no complaining, lots of great humor and commradrie from the “get go.” The fact that thirty eight of our bags missed the plane to Dehli….did not change the energy and dedication of a great team of Teens and adult leaders.

As a co leader, I have had the incredible experience of watching all of these kids in action.  Each group and school has had its own personalities and strengths…but the one common denominator has been the commitment of all of the teens to give their all, use their personal and team creativity to make the most of every day in their schools.  Each and every teen has been amazing and incredible.

Today, Flint Porter (our doctor) was assisting with physical exams in one of the schools.  Before long, some of the villagers had recognized him from teaching a few days earlier neonatal resustiation and safe delivery….and there was a long line of men, women, and children from the village that were hoping for a physical too.  He could not bear to leave anyone behind and dealt with multiple ailments and concerns. So, Megan Davis, Katie Rupe and I (along with Saritta …our amazing interpreter) stayed until every person was seen.

I realized that these hard working farmers and laborers have so little and appreciate the smallest acts of kindnesses. This experience has made me appreciate the many things in life that I take for granted.  Life is such a gift, and what I have come to understand from watching the people of India…is how little they have and how happy they are despite a difficult and hard life .

Leaving Jihbi…will be difficult…but I believe that every person on this expedition will return with a renewed commitment to be their best person, to appreciate the simplicity of life and recognize that you truly can do great things!

Susan Porter