Majestic Madness - James Gessel

Today was our first day back after a long weekend full of adventure.  It was my first day at the schools as a team leader.  Our little orphans are crazy and exhausting, and yet, I honestly could not love them more.  They are the cutest kids in the world.  Despite the nail painting, their non stop need for exhausting piggy backs and the like, their small quarrels over random things, and their squirminess and inattentiveness, I love them more than anything. Their bright smiles, their happy faces, their loving hugs and kisses, their adorable little laughs, their willingness to help and learn, their excitement, and their blissful hearts trump anything else.  I love them more than anything. I love my team just as much as I love these kids.  We have grown so close over the past 9 months and I couldn’t love them more.  We are able to work through anything together, even something like forgetting our flash cards.  Still love you girls.  Haha.

Lauren is the best leader.  She had such a fun time with me today fixing a messed up wrist, bandaging some cuts, and fixing some ear infections.  Despite all the injuries and problems, Lauren is still able to make the best out of everything.  She is awesome.

Amy is absolutely awesome.  She had a great time today teaching addition and subtraction to the kids.  She was an awesome teacher.  The kids love her.  She always has a smile on her face.  I love her so much!

I am continuously amazed at Kenna’s ability to always keep such an optimistic attitude.  She never runs out of energy, no matter how bad the kids sometimes are.  She is amazing.  I honestly love her. So dang much!

Sierra is the same way.  She is so happy all the time, despite how much the orphans love to tickle her.  She takes everything in with such a good attitude and loves the kids no matter what happens.  She is so fun to be around! I love her too!

Maddy is so fun! Her laugh is so contagious and she always has so much fun with everyone.  She is a great teacher.  All the kids absolutely adore her, not to mention the team and I.  We absolutely love her!

Ethan is hilarious.  The kids love hime.  He had fun today playing solar system musical chairs!  They were rockin to Twist and Shout while running around in their circle, it looked awesome!

Our team would be a mess without Jesse.  He is so responsible and keeps us all in line.  The kids adore him as well.  He loves letting them paint his nails, especially Abu. He is absolutely in love with Abu.  They make a great team and are super fun together.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.  Its going to be so hard to leave.  All I can say is that I really hope my parents show up to the airport with lots of love and a Little Caesars pizza… (wink wink ).  Don’t get me wrong, I love the food here.  Kinda.  But I won’t lie I miss my American food.  Love you all back home! Miss you!