Maggie Lastayo

India round two for me; even better than I remembered. Driving through the Himalaya’s never ceases to amaze me, they are never ending and there’s never a dull sight to see.  Although the traveling has gotten a bit strenuous, the view makes up for all the motion sickness, rainstorms, cows in the road etc.  The Kabu team bonding continues to grow, and the anticipation is getting to us more and more with every hour.  The traveling is amazing, and getting to see so much of the country is unbelievable, but I cannot wait to get to Chamba and meet the girls.  Second time around is just as exciting and I see something new everyday.  I love this country and I love the people I am getting to experience it with, and I can’t wait to come home with an immense amount of pictures and stories to bug you all with.  I miss everyone at home tons, and wish you could be here with me! Love you all and see you in another eleven days!