Yesterday we were given the opportunity to go and visit everyone’s schools. Of course mine was the biggest hit because we know how to party. First we sang and danced for all the kids and then they took us into the their 10 x 10 classroom and starting busting out their Indian dance moves and music. I was so impressed by their intricate hand motions and the way they could move their hips. After they presented their dance they invited everyone else up and taught us some moves. I caught on a very fast and every time I hear a song I start practicing. So lets just say I can wait to get back to the USA and show EVERYONE how I can shake my “money maker” – Indian Style.

Aside from the fun we’ve been having there is also some serious business. At one of the schools, Nihan, I didn’t know any of the kids but immediately connected with a little 2 year old that would cry if I set her down. It made me feel so special and just looking in her eyes brought an instant smile. During this trip I have discovered that you can learn so much just though eye contact. While doing the medical exams at my school ERA, I was in charge of taking the kids blood pressure and pulse. In order to make the kids focus I had them wear the blood pressure cuff and then look me in the eye so I could take their pulse. By having them look at me it wether brought on a staring contest or just loud laughs because of the silly face contest we would have. It brought me so much happiness hearing their sweet giggles and knowing that the simplest of the things can bring eternal happiness. These kids know what happiness is and although we are teaching them English basics, they are teaching us so much more. They’ve taught me that a smile can be passed on, a laugh can be contagious, a compliment can brighten a day. When I get home I’m going to make sure I pass on what I’ve learned and make sure everyone know its not the money that can buy happiness it’s the people you surround your self with.

I want my mom and dad to know I love them very much and I am grateful that they have given me an incredible life to live. I want Annie to know I miss her so much and love the fact that she is always there for me, even if she is a continent away. I want Sammy to know that although we fight I’ve realized I miss his crude humor and bright smile and I love him. Lily, I look at these older girls I’m working with and immediately thing of you and how you would love it here just and much as I do. Last but not least, Granty, I love you so much and the little Boys here are just like you. I hold them and just imagine I am holding you. You have so much light and spread it to the family; I don’t know what we would do with out you. I want to thank all the other family and friends I have in my life and I want them to know that I feel so lucky that I have so much support from them. You all give me things to hold on to and things to reflect. You are all incredible and I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful faces!

Much Love!