Lucy Smith

lucys photo 2 Today has been another really amazing today in Chamba, it was our second day teaching with the girls from the mountains. They are all so smart and beautiful. Everyday that I am here I am just more and more amazed by the girls we have been teaching and even just all of India itself. Teaching with the mountain girls has been a lot better than I expected it to be. I had the opportunity to teach my workshop about shapes with my partner Hayley and a great crew of YMAD and the girls. It was a lot of fun today because I feel like the girls along with all of us were more comfortable with each other so the girls were able to make a better connection to learning English than before. They are all so cute, I couldn’t ask to be in a better place than right here and right now and with everyone I am sharing this experience with. Today was such a success and I cannot wait to see all of the girls again. I think the best part about today was walking of the super steep hill with the girls to their jeeps that would take them home for the night and just seeing how happy they are to be here. I walked with a girl named Sapna who held my hand as we walked and was teaching me some Hindi words and phrases. I cannot remember them but she told me that she was going to go home and write me a list of phrases in Hindi so I can practice! I love the Hindi language and I really would like to learn, so what a great way to start learning right? Anyway once we got to the top of the hill with the girls Sapna told me I am her best friend and she didn’t want to go to the house without me. Sadly I had to tell her I needed to stay with my group, but I would see her again tomorrow!  I was so touched at how quickly she came to be comfortable and close to me in just a few short days. And I feel just as close and happy to know her and all of these girls. I couldn’t be happier doing and being anywhere else! Also today while taking a break I was sitting in a group of girls along with one of the translators and they all began to tell me how I act different than the rest of the group- how I act/seem more like an Indian girl than from somewhere else. I guess because of much closer in size I am to them and because I am not so loud, I’m more quiet. It was touching, they say silent is more beautiful. I was kind of surprised to hear them say that about me but it made me really happy. Being in India I have felt right at home and like I fit in better here in Chamba than I do back in good ol’ Utah. Kind of funny and interesting but it was great to be told that. I have loved every moment I’ve spent here and I am so glad I came to India. I wish I never had to leave but I know I will come back again, it’s too amazing and would be so worth it to come back.