Lucy Smith

Lucy photo 1 Lucy photo 2 So far India has been the greatest adventure I have been on. Being in Chamba makes me feel like I am at a home away from home. It is such a beautiful country, the Himalayas are the most spacious and gorgeous mountains I have ever seen. The heat and humidity here is insane, just being sticky and sweaty all day- THE best. After being here for a few days you get used to it all- the smell, heat, humidity, the grunge. And it really is all worth it just to be here. You learn to love it. Living here would be a dream and a success if I could.  In the few days since we have been here, I have fallen in love with everything about little Chamba town and the orphans we have been teaching. Leaving home and coming to India I did not exactly know what to expect. Some how I feel like I fit in being here though. We have been able to work with the Temple girls for the past three days, they start exams soon so today was our last day teaching them. It makes me sad to have only been with them for a few days but I already felt so close to them in the short time we had together. They are all so beautiful and smart, they amaze me so much with how much they know.

After we taught the Temple girls and said goodbye I along with half our YMAD gang were able to go to another orphanage called Kalsui to help paint their rooms and play with the kids. As soon as we drove up to the Kalsui the boys and girls all came running to the gate ready to play- smiling and jumping, it was the best sight to see them when we walked up. I played games with the kids the majority of the time. Running around in circles for hours with these little kids made me so happy, and they just seemed to be having the time of their lives. I don’t think they could ever run out of energy. Two of the girls- Sajal and Abuntika- stuck by my side the whole time along a little boy named Saroj who had some sweet dance moves. The hardest part of leaving Kalsui today- but also the best, was when Sajal and Abuntika ran up to me and handed me a pair of earrings and put them in my ears for me. And then asking “Sister, will you be back tomorrow? You be back tomorrow.” They all give me the greatest feeling and I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love each and every one of these boys and girls. Its almost like a good kind of heartbreak. It’s just so hard. But I still have a lot to look forward to while I am here in Chamba.

Being in India and working with all of these boys and girls has been the best. I didn’t expect to love all of these kids as much as I do already when I hardly know them, but it is impossible not to make a bond with them and love them. The kids and people of India amaze me, they are the examples to me. I just wish I could always be here with them. India is the here and now, my ultimate awareness and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Loving and livin’ it up in little Chamba