Love and no other stuff--Whitney Bloomquist

Update: Operation Akata still hasn't had any of our teens get super sick! The Day Boarding School girls did today, though. We took all of the girls to Nicco Park. All of the girls loved it so much and it was so amazing to see how happy they were to be there! Spinny rides made the girls sick, but that didn't stop them from having the time of their lives! An amusement park in a third world country… It was quite the experience! Even more interesting than the park itself, was the drive there. When we first arrived in India, the drive to Baruipur was at night so we couldn't really see anything. Today we got to see all of the slums and poverty in Kolkata. It was so sad! Rags are practically just thrown up on sticks on the side of the road for shelter. I've started to realize that these people have really always lived with this poverty.. It's not some show put on for us while we're visiting; they always have lived like this and will continue to be poor and struggling even after we've left. They're so giving grateful, and happy though. While we were driving, we had the opportunity to see a few transvestites dancing in the middle of the road. The cars just weave past them and it's no big deal. I also saw a police officer walk up to a woman on the street and hold out his hand to her. It first looked like he was trying to help her, but then we saw that he was commanding that she give him all of her money for no reason at all! I saw so many things that I thought I'd never see! Oh the things you see in India. We're not going to be back to our villages until Monday. It's only been one day and I already miss all of my sweet little village kids! I can't even express how much I love them! Our time in India has gone by so fast! I don't want it to ever end. Ami Tomake Bhalobasi, Whitney