Look at this…..WE ARE IN INDIA!!!!! (Kayla,Landon,Nate,Cynthia,Sarah,Danielle)

This is a phrase I have been known to stop out of the blue and shout because of the unimaginable beauty of this place. There are absolutely no words to describe the amazing beauty of India, it is almost as if I was in a dream. It has been a crazy week for all of us in my group. In the Airplane for 26 ½ hours and a 12 hour drive on a bumpy road up into the mountains, I felt as though I was on the Indiana Jones ride for hours. 5 out of the 7 of us did not get our bags until yesterday including myself, but I cannot tell you how amazing these teens were. Not one complaint from one teenager in my group, not one! No showers or clean underwear for 4-5 days is a big deal to most people but there has not been one negative thing I have heard from anyone.

The first day at our school was so amazing, We were walking down the trail to our school when we started hearing all these claps and shouts from the school children. We turned the corner around the building to a line of children against the wall, I cannot express the emotions that went through my head. I had to fight back tears, these children are so precious and willing to love it is unbelievable. I have never had such strong emotions towards anything in my life, they live such a simple life with extreme poverty but the light in their eyes and spirit is more powerful than anything I have ever witnessed. I have already been so humbled and learned so much by this experience.

Another thing that has been so humbling to me is to see your children open up their hearts and love these children. I have witnessed so many times your children doing things that are out of the ordinary for teenagers. Being unselfish, serving others, opening their hearts to everyone, making sure all are included etc.

Nate: always being willing to put himself before others, I witnessed this as I was so uncomfortable on the 12 hour plane ride sitting in between two people that were taking up most the room he was so kind to offer to switch me seats for the next ride even if it meant sitting inbetween two complete strangers for 6 hours. Watching him give all of his energy and exhaustion into his lessons at the school and making sure he was well prepared for everything and the kids absolutely love him.

Kayla: she is our energy! She is always happy! I am so happy she is in our group, I have loved watching her growth from the first day at school where the first class she was a little shy and now she is so comfortable and confident. These kids love her. She has a great outlook on life and I can tell she has loved being here.

Landen: He is a bundle of fun. Landen has such a positive attitude and it rubs off on everyone. You almost cannot be in a bad mood around Landen. The energy and fun he has for his lessons and those kids is incredible. He really enjoys teaching and playing with the kids and they love him so much. He is always willing to help with anything.

Danielle: She has to have one of the best attitudes I have ever seen. As I am writing this right now she still does not have her bags and is still so happy. I love her positive energy. Her positive energy makes her a hit with the kids. She has such a tender heart and I have watched her really grow a love for these kids.

Sarah: She is so great! I love how she loves to have fun! I got to work with her yesterday when she was a team leader and loved it, we had a great time and we laughed all the way back to the place we were staying. She makes her lessons fun and has a real love for those kids and they love her

Cynthia: We love Cynthia. The first day at the school was hectic, she was our team leader the first day and she was incredible. Her calm demeanor was just what we needed to help smooth out the first day. She is a team player and is always willing to help.

Your kids are amazing, safe, and having the time of their lives. Thank you for sharing them with me!

Just want to tell my family how much I love and miss them and wish they were here to experience this with me. Love you Ryan, Chandler, Tanner, Miabella xoxoxo


Marci Bradley