Firmilenge- See You Soon (Lizzie E.)

lizzie pic It’s hard to believe this amazing experience is slowly coming to an end. Although sometimes I miss the food and accessibility of everything at home, I still think I would give it all up just for more time with these special children. Yesterday was especially hard as we had to said goodbye to our sweet ashram boys.  We spent the day painting a mural of a tree with their hands as the leaves.  It was so fun just to see their faces light up while sticking their little hands in the paint.  Later we gave all of them blankets.  My Shaunker just looked up at me with sorrow in his eyes as if he knew that we would not see each other again, but somehow he made it seem like everything would be okay.  I handed him my purple blanket, then hugged my little buddy for the last time.  To say our goodbyes we gathered them together and encircled them while singing “One Day.”  At first I was fine but when I looked down and saw the tears running down their faces I could not hold it together.  Firmilenge we said as we walked out the black doors for the last time; they grabbed our hands saying “I’ll miss you much” because all of us knew we would likely never see one another again.  Those little boys have my heart.  I will cherish the time I spent with them for much longer than this lifetime.

Today we had to say goodbye to our little school children.  I will never forget the look my princess Kavita gave me as she said goodbye. All of the children were so excited when we gave them their hats, scarfs and mittens.  They have so little and I wish I could give them even more.  Most kids came in the same clothes everyday to school.  These kids are my hope, love and joy. Chamba is a very special place.  A part of me will be here for longer than forever.

With my tired body and whole heart,