Liz Bond

Hello family and friends! I don’t even know where to start with all of the amazing things that I have been experiencing in my time here. I guess I can start off with the travel. It was 53 hours of travel. It was long, but really not as bad as I thought! I slept a lot, making it pretty easy for the time to go by! And the bus ride, although long, was such a cool experience! We saw so many different parts of India, and it is so insanely beautiful here!! My favorite part was driving through the Himalayas. It was way sketchy on these skinny roads through the mountain, from trying not to barf, and seeing a car fall of the road, it kept us entertained that’s for sure!!

After we finally arrived, we got settled in our camp that is cabins set high up in the mountains. It rains a lot, but the weather is usually very beautiful!  Our first day we did our teaching, and I taught my individual lesson. I was way scared and feeling a little claustrophobic being so far away from home. I missed you guys and was scared thinking how long I wouldn’t be able to see you!  Once I met the girls and started teaching, I got very excited and realized that this is going to be the best experience. And yes I still miss you, but I am very immersed in what I am doing and really living in the moment. It makes everything so much better! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to soak up everything that I can! Well pretty much each day we wake up eat breakfast and go teach. We eat lunch with the girls, and then teach until 4. Teaching is so rewarding and I’m really getting close with the girls. I have some great experiences where I work with a girl and they really start to have some progress. I also hear and see things that are extremely humbling. Its so amazing! After we teach we have free time for 3 hours. This is adventure time! We go on hikes and have so much fun. I love my team. I have been laughing so hard, and having sooo much fun!! We are funny. Oh I underpacked. Like I only have 3 outfits and we are wearing our clothes everyday. I did what the packing list said, but its wrong!!!! Me and my roommate CC are the only ones so we create the funniest outfits. I look so great all the time. I’m a real granola. Finally.

One of the hikes that we went on was such a rush! We hiked up this river, in the pouring rain. And it was soo beautiful!! It is so great with rice terraces and little huts everywhere. We then got to the waterfall and since we were already soaked we just jumped in. We were screaming and having the time of our lives.  Oh and I got a great meditation  picture to add to my collection ;) This trip is really what I have been wanting for a while. I do charity, but I’m also having adventure!! Today we played volleyball with these Indian people for like 2 hours! Everything is so fun with my group I’m gunna have a six pack from laughing. I also am really getting close with my roommate CC we stay up late talking and laughing.

Oh the food is really really good!! I actually got sick the first day, and curry isn’t great on a sensitive stomach, so I have to be careful. But when I’m feeling good the food is so good!

Right now we are sitting around a bonfire before our last day in Jibhi. I’m scared to say goodbye to these girls! We leave to another school and then to Nepal.

I miss and think about home a lot, and I thought I could talk to you more, but I guess not! They are sorta trying to keep us in the moment, which is good. But know that I do love and miss you and wish I could talk to you! I hope all is well at home, it is all very well for me here. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be!!

That’s all for now!!

Hooray for the longest blog post yet.