Lindsay Lovin:

Our second day with the girls proved to be just as great if not better than the first. Every time the jeeps come rolling up to the NHCP I get so excited to see their beautiful faces. I have already formed such strong attachments to each of them.

Workshops were very fun today. I am so grateful to be with an amazing team who have worked so hard and put forth the effort needed to make our time with the girls successful. I helped Brayden with body parts and eye exams. We traced each girl’s bodies and had them draw and label their own body parts. Once again I was surprised at how smart they are. There are some who struggle more than others, but they all have a strong desire to learn. It makes me very optimistic for their futures.

My afternoon workshop was making bracelets, a highlight of the day. Almost every girl gave their bracelets to members of our team. Many times I would tell them to keep one for themselves, but they just smiled and insisted on giving them away. I don’t think I’ll ever take them off. These girls are so selfless, full of love and humility. I am already becoming a better person because of them. They have such a special light within them that radiates and washes away any darkness or negativity. This experience is one that will change my life forever.