Life in Color - Lauren Ashton

IMG_3084 I’m in love, i’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! In Hindi Sundernagar means ‘Beautiful town’, I couldn't agree more. I wake up to the sound of monkeys and birds because the jungle is right behind our home.  Most mornings I get up and do yoga on the roof as the sunrises.  The roof has the most breath taking view of the city and mountains.  I love the jeep rides to our schools, I wave at the people and their faces light up!  When I walk into the classroom of our school all the kids stand and yell “Good morning Ma’am!”

The kids have opened up to us so much in the last few days, they were so quite on the first day but now they are crazy. The younger kids were so hyper today.  Sierra and I couldn’t get them to sit down, one little girl even bit me!  I love getting to play with our kids after our lessons.  Yesterday they thought it was so funny to throw water on me and runaway, so then I would pin them down and tickle them.  There were a few dog piles and lots of tickle fights.  They loved when I would pick them up and spin them.  I love my kids so much they are the most adorable things on earth.

After we teach in our schools all the teams go to a girls bind and deaf school.  I work with the same 5 deaf girls everyday.  They are so cute and so smart, I wish we got to spend more time with them.  I learn a lot with them, when we teach them an english word and repeat them in Hindi Sign Language, i’ve picked up on it a little bit.  We have one little girl named Bhavna and i’m bringing her home with me.  I’m in love with her, she’s eight but definitely looks like she’s five.  She is so cute when she signs and she has the most sincere smile and laugh i’ve ever seen.  As we were leaving the deaf school today she was signing to her friend, she pointed at our car and did the sign for love, i died it was so cute.

I love my team.  I feel like Claire is my little sister and I'm always laughing when i’m with her.  Calvin is hilarious, he always catches me off guard.  Ciana is cool and we can relate a lot especially when it comes to music.  Sierra is super sweet and fun, she always lightens the mood. James is the giant of the group but he’s definitely doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  Paige is the best leader I could have asked for, she is so full of joy and love for everyone!

To all the parents, you’ve raised wonderful children.  I love that I get to share this experience with them.  Congratulations on having amazing kids.


Lauren Ashton