Life in a Painting - Whitney Bloomquist

India is an abstract painting. It’s the kinds with bright colors and beautiful and intricate designs. Every little brush stroke is the fresh coconut, smiling faces, peace, relaxation, tears, and happiness that I have experienced in India. I can’t even explain how different India is from Utah. We’re in a completely different world and loving every second of it! Early India mornings are my very favorite. The lush, green plants, the smell of breakfast cooking, and the haze that slightly resembles fog are what make Indian mornings so beautiful and peaceful.  I know all of you back home are trying to imagine what it must like for us while we’re here, but it’s unexplainable. All I can suggest is to imagine living in an abstract painting. I love art, and I love India. The amount of times that I have already cried is unbelievable. My emotions must be at an all time high because just about anything will make me a little teary-eyed. It’s good crying, though. I cry because I’ve never been so happy in my life! The first time that we met the girls at the Day Boarding School was the most special moment and I will never forget it. I’m learning how to sing and cry at the same time. The emotions I have felt this whole trip are so strong and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Today we visited our villages for the first time. My village is called Bomengotchi.  After teaching at the villages, we were taken on tours. This was the most amazing experience ever. My village group visited seven houses today, and each house gave us more food than we could eat! The villagers were so giving and grateful. One woman skipped work all day just so she could have us visit! All of these families were so generous and gave us everything they had. A family that we visited told us that having visitors is like having Gods come to their house and they really enjoy having us over. It’s amazing how much they all really mean it when they say that they would like to have us over or that they enjoy our visit. Bomengotchi is one of the most amazing places on Earth.

We are all so blessed to be here in India. I don’t know if it’s even possible for me to teach any of the children more that they have already taught me. They are all practically perfect in every way, even more so than Mary Poppins. The girls at the Day Boarding School and the children at the village have been such a blessing to me. As my first day of teaching today, I got incredibly stressed and frantic. Teaching is hard, but it is so worth it when I see all the kids making progress. Some of my favorite moments are when we ask the kids, “How are you?” and they answer, “I’m pine (fine).”English is definitely hard for them, but they are doing so well. All of the people here in India are so special. It’s been amazing to see how happy they all are. I have promised myself that I will come back to India some time during my life.

Mom, Dad, Bailee, and Christian: I really hope you guys are all checking the blog. I want you to know that our whole group is safe and no one has gotten sick yet! There are so many blessings that have come to us. I miss you guys and love you! You’re all in my thoughts. Stay safe and give Simon and Lucy a hug and kiss for me.

Love, Whitney