Life as we know it - Josh Lane

I know I have been here in Chamba for the past week, however, it is just starting to set in. Deepoli, a young girl from temple ashram, led me up to the roof of the NHPC. The view from the top is breath taking. I can not explain scenery and I feel that I can not capture it in pictures. To the east and west the are lush green mountains and to the north there is a towering 15,000 foot peak. Nothing I have ever seen before. AMAZING!!

Michaela and myself have been performing medical assessments on the girls and also teaching first aid. The girls are in good shape and there has been nothing serious enough to send to the doctor. The local doctor here in Chamba is Dr Singh (sing). Michaela and I went to visit doctor sing at the hospital and the facility was frightening. The hospital has 9 beds, it looked like we were in an episode of the old TV show M.A.S.H. We talked to Singh about our studies while he was in the process of seeing patients. A man came in with a stomach ache and said he had not been feeling well for a while. Dr Singh preformed an ultra-sound and determined that the gentlemen had a hole is his stomach. Long story made short, Michaela and I were in the so called operating room during the operation. The room was about the size of a large closet and the equipment was about 60 years old. The surgery went great so the Indian man can go home and eat more Curry. 
I love this place and have a great big spot in my heart for these amazing girls. Tell next time...