Libby Jensen-suspension

Three things I've learned in India:
1. A jeep can fit into spaces you thought were only meant for scooters.
2. People can be so happy with so little.
3. I can fall head over heels in love with a little girl in one day.

I love the driving here! The thing I'm most afraid of is falling asleep while driving in the U.S. because there are two laned roads with side walks and you won't hit any animals because they are either tied up or on a leash. Monu, our driver, has a nick name: Ice man. no matter how close we come to hitting a holy cow or launching off a cliff he never changes his facial expression.
Everyone keeps saying "One more day with ouir kids :(" and I want to punch them! I just fell in love with Shivari today and tomorrow I will say goodbye, probably for forever.
Many of my experences have a bittersweet taste.
The driving is terrifying and awesome at the same time.
I have come to love twenty two children who I have to say goodbye to in less than twenty four hours.
Plus many more...